Corning Qualified Advanced-Flow Reactor Lab

Paris Flow Tech is now certified by CORNING, a leading innovator in continuous flow process design.

A special partnership

Paris, France - Corning Incorporated and Chimie Paristech - PSL - Institut Technique de Chimie de Paris recently celebrated the opening of the Corning® Advanced-Flow Reactors (AFR) qualified application lab (QAL) at their Paris location. QALs allow AFR customers to efficiently access continuous flow demonstrations, experimental testing, feasibility studies, and chemical reaction process development.

This is the first QAL in France and the third in Europe - joining the University of Liège's QAL, which opened in 2017, and Microinnova's in Graz, Austria, which opened in 2021. These regional facilities join a global network of AFR QALs that provide customers with convenient access to AFR technology.

Corning and Chimie ParisTech have been working together for 4 years and are currently using Corning's G1 Photo Reactor, Low Flow Reactor, and Nebula Educational Kits.

"Partnering with one of France's premier chemistry schools is very exciting for us - Corning and Chimie ParisTech both have long histories of excellence in innovation," said Alessandra Vizza, Corning® Advanced-Flow Reactors Commercial Director. "Establishing this QAL contributes to training the next generation of experts in continuous flow technology, and we are looking forward to seeing how this collaboration will develop in the future."

Located in the heart of Paris, the location of this QAL provides another venue for Corning to serve its European-based customers. This newly established QAL also highlights a broader trend of France's return to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

"We see supply chain and chemistry education receiving increased attention in France, as well as in the wider European region," said Mr. Alessandra. "We look forward to continuing to educate our current and future partners on the benefits of continuous flow technology as these industries make their comeback in the region."

CORNING equipment available

Corning Nebula Educational Module

Available in two versions: chemistry and chemical engineering

  • Enable inherently safer continuous flow technology
  • Provide exceptional mixing and heat exchange with Corning HEART, Corning's patented glass fluidic module design
  • Can be seamlessly scaled with other Advanced-Flow Reactor products.
  • Digital interface for easy, tactile operation and wireless control
Corning prototypes 01D
©2020 Corning Incorporated
Corning Low Flow 4500B
©2016 Corning Incorporated
Corning LF Fluidic module 4318
©2016 Corning Incorporated

Corning Advanced-flow Low Flow Reactor

Continuous flow reactor for laboratory scale applications, specially designed for multiphase (liq-liq, liq-gas), corrosive and highly exothermic reactions.

  • Typical applications: nitration, oxidation, halogenation, organometallic, etc.
  • Wetted parts: metal-free, glass, perfluorinated polymers, PEEK.
  • Internal volume: 0.5 mL (per fluid module, 10 available)
  • Scale: 100+g/day
  • Operating conditions: -60 °C to 200 °C, up to 18 bar

Corning Advanced-flow G1 - Low Flow Reactor

Continuous flow reactor for laboratory scale and early scale-up applications.

  • Typical applications: multiphase reactions (liq-liq, liq-gas), corrosive and highly exothermic, reactions with photocatalysts.
  • Wetted parts: metal-free, glass, perfluorinated polymers, PEEK.
  • Removable photochemical activation module
  • Light source: high intensity LEDs (several wavelengths available, UV-Vis and UVA)
  • Internal volume: 2.7 mL (per fluid module, 4 available)
  • Scale: 500+g/day
  • Operating conditions: -60 °C to 200 °C, up to 18 bar
Corning G1 2015
©2016 Corning Incorporated
Corning 13 Lab Reactor module
©2017 Corning Incorporated

From proof of concept to industrial production

Corning Dosing Line G4B
©2018 Corning Incorporated

Whatever the scale of production you wish to implement, Paris Flow Tech will help you to consider and meet your needs.

The platform is self-sufficient for productions up to 500 g or more per day.

However, Paris Flow Tech has the tools to assist you and provide easy access to larger scale production systems.

Whether through contact with some of our partner laboratories or direct intermediation with CORNING, it is possible to quickly and easily transpose the studies conducted on our Low-Flow models to productions ranging from 80 tons/year (G1 model) to 10,000 tons/year (G4 model).