Our partner equipment manufacturers

The Paris FLOW Tech platform operates in partnership with prestigious equipment manufacturers in the field ensuring access to key continuous flow synthesis reactors and analytical tools.

They trust us

These partnerships allow us to deeply support our projects and build impactful collaborations to meet the needs generated by the acceleration of technology transfer.

KHIMOD is a French climate technology company that develops and sells solutions, notably for the production of e-methanol and e-methane.

KHIMOD's technology has proven itself in the field and relies on innovative heat exchange-reactors for the energy and chemical markets.

In addition to its heat exchangers, KHIMOD designs and manufactures turnkey systems and provides related services for the production of synthetic molecules, allowing for the reuse and valorization of CO2.

These systems are innovative solutions for flow chemistry in the specialty and fine chemical industries.

Paris Flow Tech supports KHIMOD in the characterization of its reactors and the implementation of innovative reactions.

Agilent Technologies is a company that develops and manufactures measuring instruments.

Paris Flow Tech has a significant number of Agilent analysis devices specifically dedicated to the projects implemented.

Liquid chromatography

Agilent - Chromatographie liquide - 1260 Infinity II
Modèle : 1260 Infinity II

Gas chromatography

Agilent - Chromatographie gazeuse - 8860
Modèle : 8860
Agilent - Chromatographie gazeuse - 490 Micro GC
Modèle : 490 Micro GC
Agilent - Chromatographie gazeuse - 990 Micro GC
Modèle : 990 Micro GC

UV spectrometry - visible - IR

Agilent - Spectrométrie UV visible IR - Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR
Modèle : Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR
Agilent - Spectrométrie UV visible IR - Cary 600 Series FTIR
Modèle : Cary 600 Series FTIR

Mass spectrometry

Agilent - Spectrométrie de masse - 5977C
Modèle : 5977C
Agilent - Spectrométrie de masse - LS / MSD iQ
Modèle : LS / MSD iQ