About Us

Our Paris Flow Tech platform, located in the heart of Paris, is an essential hub for the chemical industry in both Île-de-France and throughout France. It is founded on the development of an ambitious and innovative method of process intensification through continuous flow chemistry. Paris Flow Tech is a park of state-of-the-art equipment and a dynamic, evolving, and interactive collaboration strategy that serves our industrial partners.

Paris FlowTech

Flow chemistry for the factory of the future

Continuous flow chemistry as a development lever for companies

The use of continuous flow chemistry (microfluidics, millifluidics, mesofluidics) not only makes it possible to respond to the challenge of moving towards a greener chemistry, but also to provide numerous key leverage effects for the performance of our industrial partners.

Services offered to companies

  • Possibility of testing commercial reactors
  • Possibility to test different activation sources
  • Possibility of testing custom-made reactors
  • Benefit from multidisciplinary expertise
  • Personal training needs (on demand)
  • Analysis platform (equipments)
  • Disruptive technology developments (coupling of activation sources with series reactors).
  • Process safety/calorimetry reaction under study
  • Kinetic and thermodynamic data extraction platform

State-of-the-art equipment and renowned scientific teams, united for the development of innovations around the following themes

  • Continuous flow chemistry with conventional activation (high temperature, high pressure)
  • Continuous flow chemistry and coupling to alternative organic synthesis routes (Plasma, Electrochemistry, Photochemistry...);
  • Micro-reactor and meso-reactor technology;
  • Process intensification;
  • Production of key synthesis intermediates;
  • Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs);
  • On-line analytical monitoring for process and product quality control.

A multidisciplinary community

Our Paris FLOW Tech platform brings together researchers from the prestigious institutions of the PSL University.

Scientific Consortium

A consortium of researchers from PSL University, from four engineering schools (Chimie ParisTech, ENS Paris, ESPCI-Paris and Mines ParisTech).

Corning Qualified Advanced-Flow Reactor Lab

Paris Flow Tech is now certified by CORNING, a leading innovator in continuous flow process design.

Our partner equipment manufacturers

The Paris FLOW Tech platform operates in partnership with prestigious equipment suppliers in the field.

Our supporters

Paris FLOW Tech is one of the 5 structuring projects financed by the State and the Ile de France Region.

Societal impact

Our ambition is to meet environmental and societal requirements to develop a clean and sustainable chemical industry.