At the heart of the Ile-de-France Region, Paris Flow Tech has a unique blend of equipment consisting of commercial continuous flow synthesis reactors and develops groundbreaking technologies based on the use of innovative energy sources: photochemistry, electrochemistry, plasma, and more.

The tools available on the platform

Paris Flow Tech develops with companies the implementation of chemical reactions in commercial continuous reactors, but also develops processes that can adapt to various energy sources.

1. Conventional activation

Paris Flow Tech has:

  • An industrial Corning® reactor (Low-Flow and G1-LF reactors) allowing rapid scale-up of thermal reactions.
  • ThalesNano® commercial reactors (H-Cube Pro and PHOENIX reactor) allowing hydrogenation reactions under safe and controlled conditions.
  • An industrial reactor (KHIMII) allowing scale-up of high-temperature and high-pressure reactions.

2. Innovative energy sources

Paris Flow Tech is a driving force in innovation with:

  • An industrial Corning® reactor (AFRTM PHOTO G1-LF reactor) allowing rapid scale-up of photochemical reactions.
  • Custom-made photochemical reactors illuminating in UV-B (285 nm) and visible (370-530 nm) using an LED panel for total freedom in managing irradiation and reaction geometry.
  • An electrochemical reactor where the reactor volume, electrodes, inter-electrode distance, and reagent injection positions can be modulated.
  • A reactor coupled to plasma energy. Moreover, the different plasma structures formed (alternating current or pulsed current generator) offer deeper exploration of reaction pathways.

Typical projects carried out are:

  • Proof of concept of a new reaction pathway
  • Optimization of conversion, yield, and/or selectivity
  • Transition from batch to continuous
  • Comparison of different types of energy activations.
Technologies hero

Around these reactors, chemical analysis and tools for (micro)fabrication and data acquisition are strongly present:

  • GC-MS, Micro GC, LC, LC-MS, UV-Vis, IR, NMR platform, polarimeter,
  • High-resolution microscopy
  • Fablab
  • Technological platform of the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute (cleanroom and gray room)
  • Certified "high-security" laboratory: handling of toxic and CMR fluids
  • Calorimetry and gas-liquid transfer laboratory
  • Mechanical workshop
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