Our Services

From consulting to experimental testing, we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of companies.

Services provided

Whatever your project, we guarantee to provide a panel of recognized experts in their field

To support your project, whether it involves a batch to continuous transposition or the use of alternative activation sources, the Paris Flow Tech platform offers a wide range of services, from consulting to conducting experimental tests using the equipment available on the platform.


The platform offers you consulting sessions in the form of discussions (protected by our confidentiality agreement) with a panel of experts who will be selected according to the nature of your chemistry.

Short-term experimental studies (feasibility studies)

Not all chemistry can necessarily be transposed to continuous flow reactors and/or the use of alternative activation. Therefore, we offer short experimental studies aimed at validating the relevance of a conventional process transformation approach. These studies will be carried out by our engineer and you can choose to be present during the experiments.

The commercial CORNING reactors, which allow for easy industrial scale-up, will be used whenever possible for your chemistry. Please note that the platform is in the process of being labeled a "Qualified Lab" by CORNING.

Long-term experimental studies

We offer medium to long-term experimental studies to achieve the best possible performance for your chemistry in continuous flow processes, with or without alternative activation. In order to efficiently and quickly explore the space of operating parameters, these optimization studies can be conducted using design of experiment methods and utilizing online measurement tools (link to online measurement tool).

Acquisition of kinetic and thermodynamic data

In the context of optimizing a synthesis process, knowing the characteristic data of chemical reactions can be a key point. While kinetic data for classical reactions can be obtained fairly easily through traditional batch methods, this is not the case for alternatively activated reactions, biphasic reactions, or reactions generating highly unstable species. With specially designed custom reactors, the platform offers to perform kinetic studies for all types of chemical reactions.



The platform regularly organizes 4-day training sessions to enable your staff to acquire essential knowledge for the batch to flow chemistry transposition. Shorter specific sessions (2 days) focus on alternative activation techniques (photochemistry, electrochemistry, and plasma) and gas/liquid reactions in the presence of a catalyst. All training combines theory and practice.